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The Krystel Lou strory…

It all started back in 2000, while I was visiting my friend Andre, his female cat had just given birth to three magnificiant silver shaded kittens. From that moment on, I, along with my friend Andre, was totally taken over by the little white female named Kristelle. To my surprise, my friend Andre lent her to me and after waiting a few weeks, she came home and thus started a beautiful story calle Kristelle Lou.

It is only in the spring of 2003, that I really started breeding. Thanks to Mrs Dion and her precious Mikael Ange of Royale, Kristelle gave birth for the first time to 5 beautiful silver shaded kittens. Miss Odini, a little white female was chosen to stay home.

At the same time, over at the Catsland Cattery, a beautiful golden shaded persan was being born. Cyrano was to become the breeding male of my cattery. Through him, I met a wonderful lady called Johanne Maheu who willingly shared her breeding knowledge and experience and introduced me to the wonderful world of cat shows.

Louise Laurin
Quebec, Canada
Telephone: 450-455-7610.


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